About us

Our Aims

The outcome of the current Transport Scotland review delivers a permanent solution along Glen Croe

Solution via a viaduct, a Tunnel or a road along the current timber road, which ever is the safest and quickest option to deliver.

A permanent solution is delivered by May 2024

Solutions need to be found to overcome the current estimate of 10 years.

A more robust temporary solution is delivered by the Summer of 2021

Must operate 24/7, safely, with two way traffic flow, in all weather conditions.

Founding Members

We have a management group representing the whisky industry, timber, farming, construction, hospitality, haulage, public transport, fishing, and from every corner of Argyll.

  • Peter McKerral Hauliers
  • West Coast Motors
  • Mid Argyll Chamber of Commerce
  • MacLeod Construction
  • Bid 4 Oban
  • B Mundell Hauliers
  • Glenbarr Farms
  • Argyll Holidays
  • Blacks of Dunoon
  • Scottish Citylink

What’s the problem?

  • The Scottish Government set out eight permanent solutions in 2012.
  • They chose temporary mitigation rather than a permanent solution which has not worked and cost £80m.
  • 10 years on and another consultation with 11 ideas but only one original Glen Croe solution supported by businesses, and the local authority.
  • Transport Scotland and Michael Matheson have stated any solution will take a long time to deliver and build which is unacceptable.
  • The latest spending review published on the 4 February provides a £33 billion package of investment in Scotland’s future, none of it for Argyll or the RABT!
  • The government response has been poor, too slow, its spending plans have ignored our problem and more years of disruption will see businesses close, population decline and costs for services rise.